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We are here to help you.  A typical visit with us would take place in our office or your home, and or meeting at a cemetery (as described below) .  We'll do our best to accommodate your tastes and budget as you consider how you want to remember your loved one. 


Personalized Service

Taking a walk through a local cemetery can facilitate the process of selecting a monument as you have a vast variety of examples in lettering styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors.  We are happy to accompany you answering any questions you may have to help in your selection process. 



If you prefer the comfort of your home, please visit our our Photo Gallery for ideas to glean from as well.

Computer Design Service

We offer MonuVision.  A new way to design and build your perfect memorial. Real time and in color. Creating your monument using MonuVision enables exploring various options of color, size, & style with the click of a mouse.  This service enables us to serve you through use of email from a distance.

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Cleaning Service

Over many years monuments become dirty from the elements, birds, or mildew from shady or damp places and need a cleaning.


Cemetery Lettering

Many monuments are placed in cemeteries before their time of need.   We offer sandblasting service needed to inscribe the final date of death.

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Free Website


Make use of a user friendly free website in Honor of Your Loved One. This is a way of sharing  family history , stories and memories with family and friends...possibly hearing stories never shared before.   Whether families are close in proximity or separated by distance this can be a place of connection and healing as you share memories together. 


Click on the link below.

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