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Running out of burial space???

Many people say to me that the reason they’re choosing cremation is because we’re running out or burial space in the US.

Here are some interesting facts.

  • There are currently about 7 billion people on planet earth.

  • Everyone in the world could stand shoulder to shoulder in the state of Rhode Island giving each person 4 square feet.

  • The entire WORLD population could be buried in a traditional grave, one layer deep, in a cemetery the size of Massachusetts.

Let’s do the math:

  • Massachusetts is 10,554 square miles

  • A standard burial vault is 84” x 33” or 19.25 square feet

  • 1,448,228.5 burial vaults could fit in 1 square mile

  • Therefore, 15,284,603,589 burials could take place in the state of Massachusetts.

  • In other words, Massachusetts could fit twice as many burials as people living right now.

  • The world is not overpopulated, we’re not running out of burial space, and Jesus died for every one of these people.

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